• “Is it still a good idea to invest in property, what with the new tax changes?”

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    Full disclosure: this post was born out of laziness. I’d say that I get asked this question most days, and I just want a link to point people towards to save typing it out every time:

    Is this referring to the stamp duty hike or the restriction to mortgage interest relief? It doesn’t matter, because the answer is the same – and would still be the same even if we were talking about a completely novel tax that hasn’t been announced yet.

    The answer is simple: what do the numbers say?

  • Episode 55: How to survive and thrive in the new world of buy-to-let

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    Rupert Chapman is relatively new to the property game but is a veteran of business – and as such, he’s got a broader perspective than most on the changes the property industry is going through.

    If you’re concerned by what lies ahead, you should find this conversation reassuring and inspiring – encouraging you to appreciate the increasingly rare value of your knowledge and skills, and to take practical steps to respond to our current challenges.

  • The Complete Guide To Property Investment

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    I’ve released a book today. You can buy it here.

    It’s called The Complete Guide To Property Investment. It hadn’t struck me until I went to a property meetup and three separate people said to me, “wow, that’s a brave title!” that it’s quite a brave title.

    I mean…complete? That doesn’t leave you anywhere to hide if you’re accused of glossing over something or missing an important part out.

    But I stand by it. And here’s why…

  • Episode 54: Putting property investment into context

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    Adding properties to your collection is fun, but for all of us there’s some deeper reason why we’re investing in the first place – whether that’s to leave your job, provide a pension or just to give yourself a second income.

    That’s why I like to look at property in the context of financial planning more broadly, and I’m joined this week by Stuart Bailey from Wealth Help to do exactly that. We get into setting plans, allocating assets, and – importantly – knowing when to stop!

  • Episode 53: From part-time DJ to full-time property developer!

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    Jethro East dived head-first from a successful music career into property development – and it wasn’t long before he made his first six-figure profit from a single buy-to-sell project. If that sounds easy, it’s because I missed out the builders walking out in the middle a project, the months spent living in a half-finished house with no heating, the routine three hours of sleep and the rats drowning in the toilet.

    He’s made extraordinarily rapid progress and has huge plans for the future, but Jethro is open about the fact that there were moments along the way that nearly broke him.

    This interview is inspirational, but also includes plenty of actionable nuts-and-bolts tips for getting great results with buy-to-sell projects. It’s a must-listen for anyone with an interest in flipping properties – just don’t expect it to sound easy…

  • Episode 52: 14 properties in 4 years, with a full-time job!

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    When people start out in property, it’s a common long-term goal to replace their income and become financially independent. My guest this week, Mark Coates, has accomplished exactly that – in only 4 years, while holding down a full-time job!

    He didn’t start with a huge amount of money, or any experience: he just put together a solid plan, and worked hard at developing the skills and knowledge he needed to execute upon it. The question is: how did he manage to achieve his goals in such a short space of time, when others never get there at all? I get him to reveal the model he used to pull off this life-changing feat…