• Budget 2015: What the new mortgage interest rules mean (with spreadsheet)

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    The change to mortgage interest relief in the 2015 emergency Budget are not only a bit of a shocker, but also tricky to understand. I was embarrassed that it took me a few days to get my head around it — although less so when it became clear that most media commentators (and indeed many accountants) weren’t entirely sure what it meant either.

    So as I haven’t seen a particularly clear or simple example online anywhere else, I thought I’d post one here. We’ve got the best part of two years to discuss the rights and wrongs and what to do about it, but for now, here’s just the facts.

    OK, mainly just the facts.

  • Episode 50: Profiting from your local authority

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    Do you associate your local council with costing you money or making you money?

    Yes, me too – but my guest this week, Mark Morris, has found three ways of turning his local authority into an important ally. He secures excellent yields from accommodating Housing Benefit tenants, has properties where the council pays a guaranteed stress-free rent even if they’re empty…and has even scored free improvements worth thousands of pounds.

    In our conversation, Mark shares how he makes it all work – and ends up with a high-yielding portfolio which he can manage around his full-time job. It won’t fit in with everyone’s strategy, but it might make you think again about things you’d taken for granted…

  • Episode 49: The hidden cost of very cheap properties

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    You can buy a property for as little as £20,000 (probably less) in some parts of the country. So if you’re tight for funds to get started with…should you?

    Even if you’ve got more cash to spread around, should you take the view that when prices are so low and yields are so high, you should just go out and buy a load of them?

    There are a couple of obvious reasons why that’s not the right move for everyone, and also a couple of less obvious ones – and it’s those that I talk about in this week’s show.

  • Why I have a “lower limit” on purchase prices

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    Almost every week I get an email from someone who wants to get into property investment. They write excitedly about the massive yields that seem to be available on the cheap terraced properties in northern towns – often as cheap as £20,000–£30,000. They want to know: is there a catch?

  • Episode 48: Buy-to-demolish? Getting to grips with a niche investment strategy

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    You may have bought a property in the past hoping that there will be regeneration to the local area…but chances are you’re not secretly hoping that regeneration will involve demolishing your property!

    Well, that notion might seem less ridiculous than it first appears when you’ve finished listening to this week’s podcast. My guest is Dan Knowles, a Chartered Surveyor who specialises in the field of Compulsory Purchase.

    Dan’s company helps people whose homes are the subject of a Compulsory Purchase Order, advising them on their rights and helping them to get the best deal. And at the same time, this has given him an insight into a very niche property strategy…

  • Episode 47: The great income/growth trade-off

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    Property investment pays off in terms of capital growth and rental income – but the proportion in which you’ll benefit from each is determined to a large extent by exactly what you buy.

    In this episode I share a personal case study to make this point – which demonstrates why it’s so important to have thought-through goals in mind before you get started.

    Plus there’s a listener question that takes us into deeply geeky economic territory, and tips on dealing with estate agents from a hostage negotiator!