• Why I’m a fan of Rent Guarantee Insurance

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    One of my big turnarounds as an investor over the last couple of years has been going from being a sceptic of Rent Guarantee Insurance (RGI) to a raving fan. I keep being asked why, so I thought I’d quickly outline the reasons – while taking pains to stress that it’s not for everyone and not all policies are the same.

    So…why such a fan?

  • Should I sell my London flat? A case study

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    An inevitable characteristic of a bullish market is that it makes everyone look like a genius. For example, if I told you that I owned a property that had increased in value by 15% per year and made me £500 per month in profit with no money left in, you might be pretty impressed.

    But you shouldn’t be. The property is in London, and almost anyone who bought in London in 2010 will have a similar story. (Actually, the only slightly clever part was buying in 2010 when everyone else was still licking their post-crash wounds.)

    Now I’ve got a dilemma: do I sell and lock in my gains, or trust that the party is going to carry on forever?

  • Neither heroes nor villains

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    As landlords we should content ourselves with being on the right side of the economic divide – and not expect a medal for it too.

  • Episode 58: How to source property deals

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    Anyone can pick a property off Rightmove and negotiate 5% off the asking price. You know that the real profits are made when you can reliably track down those elusive “below market value” or lease option opportunities…but where do you even start?

    My guest, Mark Dunsmore, used to be an estate agent (don’t hold it against him) before he learnt to apply the same skills to sourcing properties for investors. Having built up a nationwide sourcing business, he’s now teaching other investors how to find their own deals – either to build their portfolio, or make a profit by selling them on to others.

    I speak to Mark about how to work with a property sourcer to access better opportunities than you could find on your own – and, if you’ve got the time and the dedication, how to source directly yourself.

  • The 7 most important books I’ve ever read

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    To celebrate the launch of my book The Complete Guide To Property Investment, I held a competition that everyone who bought on the day of release was entered into.

    First prize was a one-on-one tax consultation with Iain Wallis, and five runners-up won what I referred to as my “success library” of the seven books that have made the biggest impact on my thinking.

    I had lots of emails from people who didn’t win but wanted to know what the books were anyway – so I thought I’d share them here.

    Whittling them down to just seven was a real challenge, but in putting them together I realised something surprising: not a single book, even on my long-list, was about property investment.


  • Episode 57: How to sell a property

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    They say that you make your money when you buy, not when you sell – but there’s no doubt that how you approach selling a property can make a huge difference to the result you achieve.

    My guest this week, Anna Hart, specialises in helping her clients to sell at the best price within their desired timescale – and avoiding the nightmare scenario of having a property languish on the market. Even if selling couldn’t be further from your mind, our discussion around presenting a property and doing viewings will give you a valuable insight into a vendor’s mindset.