• The 4 types of property deal I look for (and why)

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    I’m an extreme outlier. Not just because I only own one pair of trousers (ask me about that some time), but when it comes to property I’m unusual in that I’ll buy anything…anywhere.

    In fact, I’m not really looking for properties at all: I’m looking for deals.

  • When is it a good idea to increase the rent (and how do you do it)?

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    In an idle half-hour the other day, I went through my portfolio and reviewed the properties where I suspected the tenants were paying below market rent. I only did a brief assessment so there’s plenty of margin for error, but the figure was pretty astonishing: a total of £485 per month.

  • Why I prefer ‘interest-only’ mortgages (answering the most common objections)

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    In my books, I advocate taking out interest only mortgages rather than repayment mortgages. I get a lot of emails from readers asking why: they think it’s risky, or storing up problems for later.

    And who knows, history might show them to be right. But there are a lot of misconceptions around interest only mortgages – and in this post I’ll try to explain why I (and most other investors) choose to go down this route.

  • Thinking like a lender: the inside story of my new property business

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    As a property investor with a fair number of mortgages to my name, I’m already ignoring half of Shakespeare’s “never a borrower nor a lender be” dictum. So when a friend suggested we start lending out some of our savings to other investors, I thought I might as well go for broke. Hopefully not literally.

  • What will be the impact of Brexit for property investors?

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    So, Brexit eh? You might have heard a thing or two about it recently – but now it’s happened, what will it mean for property investors?

  • Property strategy: doubling up

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    An interesting property investment strategy I’ve seen mentioned in a few different places is the idea of “doubling up”: buying twice as many properties as you want to end up with, then gradually selling off half.

    The idea works like this…