• Buying (and refurbishing) 9 properties in a year – while running a business in a different city!

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    If somebody told me they were busy running a business in London, and planned to buy and refurbish 9 properties in Stoke-on-Trent within a year…to be honest, I’d gently suggest they scale their aspirations back a bit.

    But after speaking to Jay Booth, I’ll be a bit more careful before declaring something “impossible” – because that’s exactly what he did. I found this conversation inspiring, because Jay had every factor that you’d be tempted to use as an excuse – limited experience, a busy job, a young family – and still achieved more in a year than most people will in a lifetime.

  • How to build a portfolio from 6,000 miles away

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    One of our themes for this series is taking a professional approach by investing in areas where there’s the strongest business case, not where it’s most convenient.

    For many investors (especially those in the South East), that will mean investing in properties away from where they live – possibly without even seeing them first. And that’s why I was keen to talk to Stuart Ball – who’s managed to build his portfolio of 6 properties 6,000 miles away from his home in Hong Kong, and has another 5 going through right now…

  • What are the mortgage options for limited companies?

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    On last week’s episode, we talked about the cause for incorporation. This week, I’m joined by mortgage broker Stuart Bailey to talk about what’s often seen as a barrier to buying as a limited company: mortgages.

    In common with most other brokers I’ve spoken to, Stuart has seen a huge increase in the number of limited company mortgages he’s arranged – and the news he’s bringing back from the coalface is broadly positive for investors who might have seen company finance as a challenge…

  • When is it right to buy property in a limited company?

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    It’s been a huge switch: many mortgage brokers are reporting that while only a year ago it was a small minority of people who bought property in a limited company, the majority of investors now do.

    I don’t find it hard to believe, because my inbox has been filling up over the last year with one question more than any other: “should I buy property within a limited company?”

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the answer because I’m not a tax advisor and I don’t know enough about your situation. But I can lay out the most common scenarios, and help you understand the reasoning behind those scenarios so you can confidently speak to an accountant about what’s best for you.

    This episode sets the scene for several to come, where we’ll be looking at the case for incorporation from several different angles.

  • The Property Cycle: What happens next, and how you can see it coming

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    The property cycle is a powerful concept: one that can give you the confidence to act when others are fearful, and avoid making moves (like most investors do) at exactly the wrong time.

    I’m joined this week by the UK’s leading expert on the property cycle – Akhil Patel – to talk about what the cycle can tell us about where we are right now, and how you can tell what’s going to happen next.

  • New 2017 mortgage rules: everything you need to know

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    For many investors, finance is a critical part of the property growth plan – and it can also be one of the more painful constraints if you can’t find your way through the mortgage minefield.

    So it’s always important to keep on top of what’s happening in the mortgage market, and never more so than now – with lenders grappling to come to terms with a whole new set of restrictions that have just come into effect, and more to come later this year.

    In this episode I’m joined by mortgage advisor Simon Allen, who’s spoken to most of the main lenders and is here to report back with everything you need to know.