• Series wrap-up: The essential elements of turning pro in property (plus: what’s coming up in the next series)

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    In this series of the podcast we’ve been looking at “turning pro” – how to embrace the mindset of a professional investor, so you can continue to thrive despite the more challenging conditions for property investors.

    During this quick series wrap-up episode I revisit the major themes we’ve covered, draw some lessons we can take from what we’ve heard, and look ahead to what’s coming up in the next series.

  • An investor with over 300 properties shares the difference between an amateur and a professional

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    The theme of this series has been “turning pro” – so what better way to wrap it up than to speak to someone who’s been a professional trader and investor for over 30 years?

    Jonathan Schuman holds around 300 commercial and residential properties, and has his own private “agency” to manage them. When the credit crunch hit, Jonathan was perfectly positioned with his contacts and knowledge to profit while everyone else was panicking – and he took bold action to seize the opportunity and rapidly scale his portfolio.

    Our conversation touches on the property cycle, what constitutes a “deal”, and where the opportunities are in today’s market. Prepare to feel in equal parts inspired and inadequate…

  • Changing strategies for a changing market – three investors share their stories

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    In this series so far we’ve been talking about all the changes affecting our sector, and what investors should be thinking about as a result. In today’s episode, I catch up with three Property Geek listeners who have all rethought their strategy recently – to find out what they were doing before, what they’re doing now, and what factors played into their decision.

    There’s a lot to learn not just from their strategies, but also the approach they each took to deciding how best to adapt – so take a listen…

  • Two very different experiences buying away from home

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    Buying in an area you’re unfamiliar with is scary enough – but David Barker bought his first without seeing it, and his next was a complicated five-unit site in a town he’d never been to.

    Both had happy endings, but were very different experiences along the way. I spoke to David to learn how he got the courage and confidence to take calculated risks, and learn the often-glossed-over truth of how complicated an investment can be…

  • Selling a London portfolio and buying a new one further north

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    All the signs are pointing towards London’s incredible price growth of the last few years coming to an end – and the gap that’s emerged between the South East and elsewhere starting to narrow.

    It’s one thing to see those signs, it takes a lot of courage to act on them – and that’s what my guest, Phil Whitehouse, has done. Phil has spent the last couple of years selling the small portfolio he’d built up in London, to take his profits and reinvest elsewhere in the UK.

  • Buying (and refurbishing) 9 properties in a year – while running a business in a different city!

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    If somebody told me they were busy running a business in London, and planned to buy and refurbish 9 properties in Stoke-on-Trent within a year…to be honest, I’d gently suggest they scale their aspirations back a bit.

    But after speaking to Jay Booth, I’ll be a bit more careful before declaring something “impossible” – because that’s exactly what he did. I found this conversation inspiring, because Jay had every factor that you’d be tempted to use as an excuse – limited experience, a busy job, a young family – and still achieved more in a year than most people will in a lifetime.