• How to pick the right type of funding for your property project

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    Over the last few episodes we’ve covered various ways of funding property projects, in addition to the familiar options of cash and mortgages. In this episode, I round off the series by summarising my main takeaways and suggesting how to choose the most appropriate form of funding.


  • How to raise funds with joint ventures

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    Joint ventures (JVs) get talked about a lot in property, with good reason: after all, if you don’t have the cash to do all the deals you want to do, a JV is a way of solving that problem without going cap-in-hand to the bank.

    But where do you even start with finding someone who might want to lend you money? How do you structure the agreement? And what happens if something goes wrong?

    In this episode I’m delighted to welcome Jay Booth back to the podcast, to talk about how he’s made JVs work for him – and his friends and family. Jay was on the show earlier in the year talking about how he bought and refurbished nine properties in a year, and in this follow-up chat we get into how joint ventures fuelled some of that rapid expansion.


  • Releasing locked-away equity from your portfolio with second charges

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    If you own your own home or have buy-to-let properties, you might find yourself with equity you can’t access – due to redemption penalties or too-good-to-lose mortgage rates, for example.

    By unlocking that equity, you could grow your portfolio faster – and in this week’s episode, I speak to mortgage advisor Dave Cookson about a relatively little-known way to do exactly that.

  • How to use peer-to-peer to finance your property projects

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    You’ve probably heard of peer-to-peer (or P2P) finance, and you might be aware of the bigger platforms like Zopa and Funding Circle. But you might not have thought to turn to peer-to-peer for your property project – or be aware of how many different options there are.

    In this episode I speak to James Wallis from Aben Financial – a commercial finance advisor with a particularly deep knowledge of the peer-to-peer sector.

  • Bridging finance: What it is, when to use it, and how to make it work for you

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    We’re going to spend the next few episodes exploring ways you can finance property projects other than using a mortgage. In this first episode, I set out to demystify bridging finance: a powerful tool, but one that investors often find confusing and intimidating.

    And it’s true – if you don’t know what you’re doing, bridging can be expensive and even dangerous. But there are certain situations where – with the right knowledge – it will give you access to profitable deals that otherwise would have passed you by.

  • My main lettings and management lessons (series wrap-up)

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    In this series on lettings and management I’ve been lucky enough to be joined by some fantastic guests – both experts at the top of their field, and everyday landlords with great stories and lessons to share.

    To wrap up the series, in this episode I share my main takeaways from those conversations – and tell you what to expect in the next run of episodes that’s starting next week.