• Using the personal touch to bridge the worlds of self-managing landlord and hands-off investor

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    Sam Jones had a terrifying experience very early in her self-managing career – but she didn’t let it put her off, and she’s spent 17 years managing a geographically distributed collection of properties. Now though, she’s started using an agent for new acquisitions – but she’s not losing the unique ability that made her such a self-managing success.

    For Sam, property really is all about the people – and she uses her people skills to straddle the worlds of self-managing landlord and hands-off investors.

  • How an HMO landlord harnesses his “core competency” to avoid tenant dramas

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    My guest this week, Tom Charrier, didn’t intend to have anything to do with managing his properties when he started out – but after one awful experience, he decided to take matters back into his own hands.

    Now, he and his wife manage their small portfolio of HMOs themselves – and consider their ability to pick the right tenants and build strong relationships to be the biggest strength in their business.

  • How to self-manage – from another country

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    Self-managing can be tough. Self-managing HMOs can be really tough. So, self-managing HMOs from abroad…surely that’s not a good idea?

    Well, my guest this week Richard Dyke makes it work – managing his portfolio (including a couple of small multi-lets) from Bergen in Norway. Richard visits several times a year for inspections and maintenance, and has all sorts of little hacks in place to make sure the distance isn’t too much of a challenge.

  • Getting up-to-date with the ever-changing world of lettings

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    This episode kicks off a new series about lettings and management: not the glamorous part of property that it’s easy to pack out seminars about, but the very important bit that makes sure your investment runs profitably, smoothly and legally.

    To get the series started I’m joined by Joanne Dron – a landlady of 13 years and a letting agent too – to run through some of the recent and upcoming changes that should be on your radar. Many of them have been poorly publicised – so it’s well worth taking half an hour to make sure you’re up to speed on everything that could land you in hot water if you’re not paying attention…

  • Series wrap-up: The essential elements of turning pro in property (plus: what’s coming up in the next series)

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    In this series of the podcast we’ve been looking at “turning pro” – how to embrace the mindset of a professional investor, so you can continue to thrive despite the more challenging conditions for property investors.

    During this quick series wrap-up episode I revisit the major themes we’ve covered, draw some lessons we can take from what we’ve heard, and look ahead to what’s coming up in the next series.

  • An investor with over 300 properties shares the difference between an amateur and a professional

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    The theme of this series has been “turning pro” – so what better way to wrap it up than to speak to someone who’s been a professional trader and investor for over 30 years?

    Jonathan Schuman holds around 300 commercial and residential properties, and has his own private “agency” to manage them. When the credit crunch hit, Jonathan was perfectly positioned with his contacts and knowledge to profit while everyone else was panicking – and he took bold action to seize the opportunity and rapidly scale his portfolio.

    Our conversation touches on the property cycle, what constitutes a “deal”, and where the opportunities are in today’s market. Prepare to feel in equal parts inspired and inadequate…