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I’m Rob – aka The Property Geek (you can find out more about me here). Unless you’ve got lost, you must be here to find out more about property investment – whether that’s to get started with creating wealth so you’re not stuck tied to your job forever, or to get better results from what you’re doing already.

Well, you’re in the right place: there’s a huge amount of information on this site, so I’ll try to point you towards the best jumping-off points.

Want a clear overview of everything?

I’ve published two best-selling books: Property Investment For Beginners, and The Complete Guide To Property Investment. Both have received hundreds of 5-star reviews – and as the names suggest, one gives you an easy overview while the other tells you everything you need to know.

If you’re willing to spend a few pounds, this is the best way to get up-to-speed with everything in one place in a logical order.

You can buy the books on Amazon here (paperback, Kindle and audiobook)

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The Property Geek Podcast is a weekly show where I explore a particular property investment idea or strategy. With the help of a guest expert and using plenty of real-life case studies, I get deeply geeky about important subjects like mortgages, renovation projects, tax, portfolio-building strategies and more.

Not sure what a podcast is? It’s basically just an on-demand radio show that you can automatically receive on your phone.

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My most popular articles

Want a little light reading? I’ve been publishing articles on this site for years – these are some of the most popular…

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