Finally...the tools you need to remove all the uncertainty from starting, growing and managing your property portfolio

Get access to all the spreadsheets, checklists and processes I use in my property business - and watch my screen as I show you how to use them

Do you ever read about landlords who seem to have effortlessly built up profitable portfolios…and doubt whether you've got what it takes to do the same?

Do you wonder how you're ever going to gain the knowledge and confidence it takes to make one successful investment – let alone build a portfolio – when you've already got so much going on in your life?
I did too.

Seven years on…
Well, don't get me wrong – I'm far from being a tycoon.

I don't own hundreds of properties, and you're not about to scroll down the page and see a photo of me leaning against a Ferrari.

But I do have a portfolio which deposits more cash in my bank account each month than I need to cover my (admittedly modest) living expenses.

Property has given me the freedom to leave my old profession, travel the world and do what I love.

(And that's without even considering the benefit of decades of capital growth ahead.)

I haven't done it all, and I'm far from finished. But I've done enough to let you in on a secret…

Nobody starts out knowing it all. Not even close.

However experienced they seem now, everyone starts out drowning in questions like:

  • Do I have enough saved up to buy the property I want?
  • Which type of property will give me the best returns?
  • Should I buy near where I live or go further away where prices are lower?
  • How do I know whether the asking price is realistic?
  • What expenses should I budget for?
  • If a property needs work, how much will it cost?
  • How do I find tenants and manage the property?
  • How much tax will I have to pay?

Back when I was looking to buy my first property, I really wished I had someone to hold my hand (figuratively) through the whole process.

And I know that's a common way to feel, because people are always asking if they can pay me for coaching – but that's not something I have time to do.

So instead, I've done the next best thing…

The Ultimate Property Investment Toolkit!

The Ultimate Property Investment Toolkit is me laying out my complete property investment toolbox, and walking you through exactly how to use it.

You get on-demand access to the contents of my brain – available online whenever you need it – at a fraction of the price of even a single in-person coaching session.

For each major decision you're going to face while building your portfolio, I provide you with:

  • The spreadsheet, checklist or process I use in that situation
  • A video that shows my screen while I work through the process with you
  • A PDF that summarises the steps so you can easily copy what I do

The outcome? You'll be confident that you can make the right decision in any situation, because you'll have a precise set of tools and processes to follow.

Here's what you get

When you buy the Toolkit, you get unlimited lifetime access to everything I list below – plus everything I'm going to add in the future.

This isn't a bunch of theory that you need to make time to work through.

Instead, it's a set of tools: just plug them into the research you're doing (no extra “learning” time required) and get dramatically better results.

Here's what you get:

(All the spreadsheets are available in both Google Sheets and Excel formats.)

“Buying power” calculator [Spreadsheet]

  • Learn how much of an emergency fund you should put aside
  • See how your portfolio would look if you split your funds across one, two, three or more properties
  • Find out how much equity you can draw from your own home and any existing properties

The Ultimate Buy-To-Let Calculator [Spreadsheet]

  • Calculate your yield, ROI and monthly profit from any buy-to-let deal
  • Compare the post-tax returns depending on whether you own as a company or individual
  • Save your analysis to the “history” sheet to easily compare opportunities
  • Use the built-in mortgage calculator to check how much you can borrow
  • Work with my assumptions for voids, maintenance costs and interest rates, or enter your own
  • One early buyer said: “Makes my own spreadsheets look like I sneezed all over the screen!”

High-Yielding Areas Uncovered [Process]

    • Learn the two reasons why yield can be high…
    • …and why confusing the two can be seriously damaging to your wealth
    • Find out how to uncover the hidden differences between seemingly identical areas

Understand Any Area – Without Leaving Your Desk [Process]

  • With my 13-step process (I really should have added an extra one…), you'll feel like you intimately understand an area – even though you haven't left your house!
  • Use little-known data sources to get into incredible depth (I've never seen anyone talk about this before)
  • Get confident about the potential yield on offer
  • Tell the “good” areas from the “bad” – even when it's far from immediately obvious
  • One early buyer said: “I actually live in the area you used for your example, and your conclusions were absolutely spot-on.”

“Should I buy in a limited company?” [Video]

  • A video walkthrough of the question that everyone's asking!
  • Learn what factors to consider when making the decision, and where to go for further help

Create your property business plan [Template/Process]

  • A 26-page PDF worksheet that takes you step-by-step through putting your business plan together – from your overall strategy, to the individual actions you need to take each week
  • Includes links to spreadsheets to help you make tricky decisions, and a Trello board to keep you organised
  • Either type directly into the PDF, or print it out to fill it in
  • Feeling overwhelmed? This plan will give you the structure you need to make important decisions about your path in property

“Get organised!” Two systems to manage your property viewings and follow-ups [Template/Process]

  • Get the templates I use with two free pieces of software (Trello and Podio) to track my viewings and follow-ups
  • Make sure you always gather the right information and photos at a viewing, and keep everything together
  • Never miss a follow-up, so you don't miss out on an opportunity after you've viewed
  • With a strong system in place, learn how to invite an assistant to take on parts of the job for you

How to negotiate a great property deal [Template/Process]

  • Two different offer letter templates for submitting offers to estate agents
  • 45-minute technique tutorial with my most effective tips – which work even if you're terrified of negotiating!

How To Never Overpay For A Property [Process]

  • Find out how to use The Ultimate Buy-To-Let Spreadsheet to determine exactly how much you should pay
  • Quickly determine the market value of any property
  • …even when it needs a full refurb
  • Learn the same techniques mortgage company valuers use

Understanding Tenant Demand [Process]

  • Learn the 5 different sources you can combine to assess how in-demand your property will be
  • See which type of property rents fastest in any given area

Printable Property Viewing Template [Checklist]

  • Never miss an important detail at a viewing again – even when the estate agent is breathing down your neck!
  • Quickly spot all potentially expensive defects
  • Don't forget to ask the all-important “vendor's circumstances” questions
  • Print out and take with you: take a systematic approach and leave nothing to chance

How To Recycle Your Cash [Process]

  • Learn how to acquire more properties with the same amount of cash by re-using at least some of your deposit
  • Avoid the slip-ups that can kill your chances of getting your money back out
  • Get the valuation you need by following the important steps
  • See the principles brought to life with one of my real-life deals

Buy-Refurb-Refinance Calculator [Spreadsheet]

  • Get to grips with the financials of any property that involves significant refurbishment
  • Determine your post-refinance cashflow and ROI
  • Works with cash or bridging finance purchases
  • Use my assumptions or add in your own

Refurb Cost Calculator [Spreadsheet]

  • Instantly price up any refurb
  • Learn the (ballpark) price of every common refurb job
  • Stay safe with a built-in margin of safety estimate

Property Flipping Calculator [Spreadsheet]

  • Account for every cost in a buy-to-sell project
  • Work back to determine the maximum you can pay to buy the property in the first place
  • Calculate your profit margin
  • Discover they key figure to hit that makes it almost impossible to lose money!

Be Your Own Bookkeeper [Spreadsheet]

  • Save hundreds of pounds every year by doing your own bookkeeping – in no more than 15 minutes each month!
  • Single-sheet layout with drop-down menus makes it impossible to screw up!
  • Export your data in the exact format you (or your accountant) will need to complete your tax return

Tame Your Tax Bill [Process]

  • Learn how to avoid paying any tax whatsoever in the early years of building your portfolio
  • Claim allowances you had no idea even existed!
  • Avoid incorrectly claiming expenses that can't be offset

Portfolio Performance Tracker [Spreadsheet]

  • Benchmark your portfolio over time against my set of key metrics
  • Use real data to see which properties are your “star performers”
  • At a glance, check vital statistics like your overall portfolio loan-to-value

Property Management Step-By-Step [Checklist]

  • See, in order, exactly what you need to do from the moment you acquire a property
  • Don't miss any vital legal obligation when letting a property
  • Make an educated decision about whether to self-manage or use a letting agent
  • Learn everything you need to do, or check that everything is being done for you!

Recommendations, Resources and Rules Of Thumb

  • Get the contact details of the people and companies I recommend you make part of your team
  • See my answers to questions like “What's a good ROI to aim for?” and “How much should you pay in agency fees?”, which I don't like to answer publicly


How much does it cost?

The price will be going up in future, but for now the price for lifetime access to everything you've just read about is only £199 + VAT.

Using this information, you could learn something you use to confidently negotiate an extra £10,000 off a purchase price.

Or avoid buying a dog of a property that drains thousands of pounds from your bank account over the years.

Or avoid the worst fate of all – doing nothing at all – which will cost more than I can even calculate!

Still not biting my hand off? Look at it another way…

Say you value your time at £10 per hour.

This information has taken me literally hundreds of hours to learn, absorb and collate for you.

In order to recoup the purchase price, it only needs to save you 20 hours across your entire property investing lifetime!

(And I hope you value your time at more than £10 per hour!)

Are you going to keep doing what you've always done and get the same results, or arm yourself with the right tools and switch to the fast lane?

Get instant access now

At this point, let's get something straight…

There are no magical secrets to what I'm sharing in The Ultimate Property Investment Toolkit.

If you wanted to, you could piece together…

  • 50% of this information from information that's spread across the internet
  • 20% from speaking to successful investors
  • 30% from experience

Because that's exactly what I did!

I've spent hundreds of hours piecing together random bits of information (and trying to work out if it's true or not), finding the data sources, quizzing other investors and learning from my own mistakes to get to this point.

If you're willing to invest that time, you can certainly do it yourself.

But fun though research is (to me at least!), you probably want to spend your evenings and weekends with your family and on your hobbies – not analysing data in an obscure forum post from 2009.

(That kind of thing actually is my hobby, but let's gloss over that!)

By taking advantage of The Ultimate Property Investment Toolkit, you'll take months – even years – off your learning curve.

In the words of one early customer…

This is the fast lane!

WARNING: This might not be for you

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all. To get the most from the Toolkit, these 4 things should be true for you:

  1. You have funds to invest, in the form of cash or equity. You will not learn how to buy property without using your own money.
  2. You should be confident of being able to get a mortgage, unless you plan to buy in cash.
  3. You should be looking to make simple, safe and profitable buy-to-let investments. There's nothing wrong with fancy stuff like lease options, title splits and major development projects…but I believe the simple stuff (some would say boring) is the foundation of a fantastic long-term portfolio.
  4. You should be willing and ready to take action – otherwise it's all a bit pointless!

My 180-day, 100% risk-free guarantee

There's always risk in any property investment, but luckily I can easily take all the risk out of this investment!

Money is nice and everything, but the most important thing to me is my reputation. That's why I refuse to keep your money if you don't consider this to be a fantastic use of your money and time.

So feel free to give it a spin for a full six months, so you get to see how useful all the tools are in real-life situations.

If you don't feel like what you've learnt and the time you've saved is worth 10 times the money you've spent, just email me and I'll give you your money back in full.

(I won't say “no questions asked” because I hate to fall short and I'll want to know where I've gone wrong, but I'm certainly not going to quibble with you.)

Get instant access now

What “early bird” buyers said

I asked for anonymous feedback from my earliest group of buyers, and here's what some of them said…

I bought your Property Toolkit last night and have already used it to evaluate a deal I'm trying to make and come up with the right asking price and offer letter. I feel so much more relaxed knowing that my admin is up to scratch and that I have a far more experienced mind behind me to reassure that I'm doing things in the right way.


Exceeds expectations!


The section where you can learn everything about an investment from your desk is amazing


Packed with useful information for first-time investors


A truly great tool


It has met and exceeded my expectations. I haven't looked at all of the modules yet but I didn't expect there to be as many as there are. The accompanying spreadsheets and pdfs are great aids.


The accounting spreadsheet is very useful. It can be difficult to decide how to set one up. The walk through video gives a good explanation on how to make best use of the spreadsheet.


I liked the way it is set out step by step with videos to guide you through many of the stages.

Frequently asked questions

What format does this come in?

You will get access to a dedicated training website. It's protected with your own unique login details, which you'll be sent as soon as you buy.

Once you're in there, you see a list of all the resources (also listed above). All of them have a video of between 10 and 45 minutes in length, and a PDF that summarises the “action steps” from the video. Many also have a spreadsheet or checklist.

All the spreadsheets are available in both Google Sheets and Excel formats.

You can access these materials whenever you want, forever!

Will it work on an iPad/iPhone/Android phone?

Yes – absolutely everything (videos, PDFs, spreadsheets etc) will work on any internet-enabled device.

Is everything up-to-date with the latest tax changes?

Of course! All the spreadsheets include the new Stamp Duty Land Tax rates, removal of wear & tear allowance, account for the restriction of mortgage interest relief (Section 24) etc. And the beauty of lifetime updates is that they'll keep on being updated, whatever the government throws at us next!

How different is it from your books?

The difference is that it's all about getting down to action!

While the books will tell you what to think about and give you some guidelines, this actually allows you to watch while I do it myself – then use the same tools to put the process to work for yourself!

Can I claim the cost back against tax?

Yup! Expand your knowledge and give less to the government, all in one go.

Will I be able to learn to use the tools confidently?

Each spreadsheet and procedure comes with a video where you can watch my screen as I work through it myself.

The spreadsheets also have an accompanying PDF which tell you exactly what to put in each box. It'll be second nature in no time!

I don't have a lot of time. Will this be right for me?

Yes – you're exactly the person I put this together for!

By having access to all the tools it took me years to put together, you're giving yourself a massive shortcut.

You don't need to “make time” to go through a whole load of text, videos or audio – you can jump straight into using the spreadsheets and checklists and get results in 5 minutes!

Is this suitable for complete beginners?

To save everyone's time, I only explain basic concepts like yield and ROI very briefly.

So to get the most out of the resources, a small amount of basic knowledge will be beneficial. If you've read my book “Property Investment For Beginners” or taken my free 8-part email course, you'll know plenty!

I'm still saving up and can't buy my first property yet. Should I buy this now?

Maybe. If you know when you'll have the savings in place and be ready to go, why not educate yourself while you're waiting so you can get better results when you do start?

But if it's going to be a loooooong time until you're ready, save your cash and put it towards your deposit and just use some of the free information that's out there for now.

How much time will it take to work through everything?

The total length of the videos is around 6 hours, and each one is between 10 and 45 minutes long.

But this isn't a “course” where you need to work through in order to get results: you can dive straight into a spreadsheet and put it to work in 5 minutes!

Because you have lifetime access, you can just use what you need – and come back to check out the other resources as they become relevant for you.

I'm mostly interested in “flipping” (buy-to-sell). Will this be relevant to me?

There will be some resources that aren't as interesting for you, but many that will be invaluable – like my flip calculator, viewing checklist and refurb calculator.

And as you've got lifetime access, the resources more relevant to buy-to-hold will be there for you if you ever need them!

I'm mostly interested in HMOs. Will the spreadsheets be useful for me?

Yes, my spreadsheets are designed so they work equally well for single lets and HMOs.

Plus there are all the other resources that are relevant to all types of investment – like tax, management, and researching an area.

I already own a couple of properties. Will this still be useful?

It depends: if you feel like you know exactly what you're doing and you're getting the results you want, stop reading this and go keep doing it!

But if you think there's the potential to do better, take a look at the list of resources and see if you think there's anything that might be helpful for you. The Portfolio Performance Tracker could be a real eye-opener, for example.

I've listened to all your podcasts and listened to all your books. Will I learn anything new?

Well first of all, thank you!

Rather than learning anything new, you'll learn how to better apply what you know.

It's one thing knowing the importance of an area's fundamentals, but quite another to watch my screen while I demonstrate exactly what steps to take and data to use to assess an area's investment prospects.

How much of this will I actually use?

You don't need to use everything to get value, but hopefully from the list of resources above you can make a fair guess of what you'll find useful.

Spreadsheets are all well and good, but isn't it dangerous to use one without fully understanding the workings behind it?

Yes, it can be – and that's why each one comes with a video walkthrough and cell-by-cell PDF guide so you completely understand the underlying logic.

Why are you sharing all of this?

Two reasons.

Firstly, sharing knowledge doesn't diminish it! I love to help, but I don't have the time to help individually beyond a quick email. This allows me to share at scale.

Also, making a bit of money from my most valuable tools helps me to justify the hundreds of hours I put into material that I give away for free!

Get instant access now